This is a diary of a sugar addict. The unfortunate thing about this is that sugar is in everything. We tend to think that added sugar is mainly found in desserts like cookies and cakes, but it’s also found in many savory foods, including as bread and pasta sauce. That is why I can’t eat that stuff right now. Then I have come to realize that some foods promoted as “natural” or “healthy” are laden with added sugars, compounding the confusion. The problem with that is that they jack up the prices making you think it is healthy. Why is it that the “healthy stuff” has to cost more?

Here are 61 of the most common aliases for sugar according to Sugar Science:

  1. Agave nectar
  2. Barbados sugar
  3. Barley malt syrup
  4. Beet sugar
  5. Brown sugar
  6. Buttered syrup
  7. Cane juice crystals
  8. Cane juice/sugar
  9. Caramel
  10. Carob syrup
  11. Coconut sugar
  12. Coconut palm sugar
  13. Corn syrup/sweetener
  14. Corn syrup solids
  15. Confectioner’s sugar
  16. Carob syrup
  17. Castor sugar
  18. Date sugar
  19. Dehydrated cane juice
  20. Demerara sugar
  21. Dextran
  22. Dextrose
  23. Evaporated cane juice
  24. Free flowing brown sugars
  25. Fructose
  26. Fruit juice
  27. Fruit juice concentrate
  28. Galactose
  29. Glucose
  30. Glucose solids
  31. Golden sugar
  32. Golden syrup
  33. Grape sugar
  34. High-fructose corn syrup
  35. Honey
  36. Icing sugar
  37. Invert sugar
  38. Lactose
  39. Maltodextrin
  40. Maltol
  41. Maltose
  42. Malt syrup
  43. Mannose
  44. Maple syrup
  45. Molasses
  46. Muscovado sugar
  47. Palm sugar
  48. Panocha
  49. Powdered sugar
  50. Raw sugar
  51. Refiner’s syrup
  52. Rice syrup
  53. Sorbitol
  54. Sorghum syrup
  55. Sucrose
  56. Sugar (granulated)
  57. Sweet sorghum
  58. Syrup
  59. Treacle
  60. Turbinado sugar
  61. Yellow sugar

I am still trying to figure out why there is 2 grams of sugar in turkey sausage. Yesterday I discovered it reading the label and after only a few days of not having sugar I could actually taste the sugar. Of course my best friend says it is all in my head. Well yes the cravings could be all in my head. If it is in my head it is my reality! Who is to say my reality is wrong? I honestly believe my reality. Yesterday I realized that I was a stress eater. I woke in the morning with a plan. I was not hungry yet I enjoyed that fact and drank 12 oz of herbal tea with no sugar added. I prepared my breakfast 2 turkey sausages and a boiled egg.

I then prepared my snack 16 pieces of pepperoni, a boiled egg, cucumbers and 50 oz of water. My plan was to eat my snack nad come home for lunch and fix a great dinner. Well that didn’t happen. Instead I got to the doctor and learned that I needed to do Neurocognitive testing which takes a long time. I was interrupted in my pain management therapy to go test.

The testing took over 4 hours to complete. it is designed to take you to your limits and yes he did. I cried and yelled out because I was upset. I am having difficulties with my executive function skills which of course hinder my daily activities. During the testing I ate my snacks and drank only 26 ounces of water.

I didn’t have the other water bottle with me. I asked if they had a water fountain he said no and offered me water from the break room tap. I basically told him, HELL NO! I would just suffer. After the roughest of rough tasks I began to fall apart on the testing every time I felt I did poorly I ate a piece of pepperoni and envisioned eating a piece of pizza because it smelled like pizza in that little room. I knew it would smell that great when it was time to eat the egg so I shoved the whole thing in my mouth. Once I left testing I was starving. I didn’t want to eat out, but I had decided I need to just eat. I wasn’t thinking straight, I was mentally fatigued I needed to eat.

Now the dilemma, which was the least greatest of the necessary evil? I chose to eat a t Luby’s which is a cafeteria type restaurant. There are choices between different meats, starches, veggies and of course desserts. I chose Blackened tilapia, there was no grilled fish, I have chicken at home I am not paying for more chicken. The baked fish they had had mayo on top with some other junk. I looked at my option and opted for kale and cabbage. I really wasn’t concerned with the sodium, but I was concerned about the dessert and the roll you get with the meal.

I looked at it, took a picture of it and was cool not getting it. I did notice how many people did eat the all the the starches picked no veggies, picked desserts. I looked at people and I really never noticed how much sugar they ate. I mean you hear what they want you to hear on the TV. I ate my food I was incredibly full. I should have split it in half, but I didn’t.

I was a mental wreck, I saw patients when I probably shouldn’t have. However it kept my mind of my own troubles. I called my tribe seeking support and went to my families house and cried on their shoulders. The results of the test were not bad, but I still have concerns and because I am a researcher I know that I must do something about this pain. I am have had 3 successful days, I took my muscle relaxer and wondered how much sugar is in my prescribed medication. I woke early in the morning with a charley horse, quite a painful spasm. I thought to myself I need more iodized salt I didn’t take a pinch of it. Well on to day # 4.

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