This is a diary of a Sugar Addict. Do I want sugar yes, Do I think about sugar? Yes. Have I had crazy sweats, yes! Headaches yes! Nausea was new as of last night. I woke up this morning not wanting to get up from my warm bed. I hit the snooze twice, each in 5-minute increments. I got up only because I needed to let the dog out and feed her. I got up and watched a CNN interview with BGR and was motivated to make a video on finding micro communities after 50 takes I decided to just make my Day 4 recap video and start my day. I am didn’t prepare breakfast yesterday I just grabbed the cucumbers, bell pepper and pepperoni I had ready in the frig and a cup of water. I refilled that water during the day, but only drinking 66 ounces. I said only because I am downing myself, something I know I shouldn’t do especially since I used to drink 8 oz maybe. Yeah not a big drinker unless I am getting ready to do something for endurance which is bad for your body. I know this, but at the time I didn’t care.

I have learned that you can’t change until you decide to. When it is in your mind and in your heart, you will do it. Until then you are going through the actions not giving a flip. I went to pick up my packet at Sprouts grocery store. There I bought 20 bucks worth of veggies and nuts. I actually had a desire, craving, for guacamole. I then tried to figure out what could I eat with it? Hmmm…I will make veggie sticks; I am cutting up the bland celery and eating it with my guacamole once I fix it today. I may go buy some carrots.

I didn’t boil eggs yesterday so I didn’t have that to keep me full. Instead I had Freebirds World Burrito for lunch. I ordered a Weebirds. I insisted that I have dark meat, tastes better, it is more flavorful. I then added grilled bell peppers and onions, fresh onions, fresh jalapenos, pico, extra cilantro and a thin line which was 3 drops of death sauce. I needed spicy. I really had a taste for beans and cilantro lime rice. I really wanted the nachos and the queso. UGH!!!!!! In 22 days maybe I will go to the movies and have popcorn and nachos and chips. I don’t know right now I am not ready to go to the movies and smell the popcorn and not eat it.

Dinner I was volunteering temporarily at packet pickup I stayed an hour and 20 minutes. I wasn’t supposed to volunteer, but they needed help and then they insisted I stay for dinner. I was not prepared for that. I hadn’t had enough water today and my meals were not prepped. The had the best-looking lasagna or enchilada I had ever seen. They had garlic French bread and Olive g=Garden salad. Oh, my I was ready to tear it up. I told Steve about my detox and Coach Bob that I would love too, but I can’t. I felted punked into eating. So, I did. I grabbed the salad without croutons. I bit the yellow pepper enough to get the juice from it and spread it over the lettuce, tomato and onions. I ate took bites of it as I ate the salad. When I finished, I rushed off, before I headed to the car to get water and to just get away from the food, I decided to look for a multivitamin in the store.

I need to invest in a multivitamin. I remembered once a dietician, nutritionist, or someone told me to make sure that the % didn’t exceed 100. Well that was hard when I looked at the backs of the vitamin packages so I opted not to buy anything.

I came home put away my food and talked to a friend on Marco Polo that is trying to eat healthy. Yes, I have found my tribe. I can’t hang out with you right now if you are eating all that processed food, I love you. I just have a goal and I need to achieve it. I know that is probably not the best way to succeed by ejecting people from your life, but I can’t sit around watching folks eating the food I am still wanting to eat. Until I crave good things, I need to know my triggers and act accordingly. I am doing this for me.

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