Day 2. Please I am not on a special diet. See Training for the MS 150 for day 1 information.

My alarm went off and I hit the snooze for the 1st time in a long time. I just didn’t want to move. I thought about exercising and decided against it. I rolled out of bed after typing my blog post. I completed my morning rituals and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. I boiled 4 eggs, I began chopping baked chicken breast, 2 stalks of celery, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, avacado and cucumbers. After making my salad I decided I had enough for 2. I packaged 16 pieces of pepperoni.

I mixed my own package of 1 oz nuts. I decided that I didn’t want eggs and canadian bacon for breakfast. I pulled out some mix and blackberries and made an Herbalife smoothie with unsweet Almond milk. I didn’t want anything processed for 21 dsys, but hell it’s protien mix and I can’t make that, nor will I try.

I thought to myself, “Why the heck am I doing this?” Because tou should have about 25 grams, 6 teaspoons of sugar and you eat 500-600 grams. Processed sugars are bad for you

Well once I decided my why I kept pushing forward. I stood in the kitchen using Marco Polo to talk to my friend Dense because I was disappointed I had an Herbalife protien shake. She talked me off the ledge and I made a video and posted to my IRACE Facebook page discussing my journey. I continued with my plan of going to work. I talked to a few more people that eat healthier than I do and we discussed my need for iodine since I use pink Himalayan salt. I decided to put a pinch of it in my water and drink it. I decided to use Old Seasoning and freshly squeezed lemon juice on one salad and lemon juice Himalayan salt and salt free Tony Chachere’s

To my surprised it was tasty. I had an interesting conversation with another friend as my head began to ache, ugh. I drank more water. 85 oz of water I just don’t want to, but I know I need to. Afraid that I may flush out all my electrolytes I opted to drink one pack of this daily. I alternate drinking sips of this with sips of plain water. Basically I drink a couple of ounces at of 1 every hour and the other the alternating hour.

As we continued talking I realized I need something to substitute my energy for runs. I used peppermints, Uncrustables and I eat a 6 inch Subway sandwich before every half and marathon. I thought to myself. “What can I eat? I have 4 states left and I am taking 16 trips this year. I have 2 races within the next two weeks and I am cutting sugar now? I am an idiot.”

No I am not an idiot! There is never a good time for change, but it is inevitable. Change is a necessary evil especially when you have a goal to accomplish. My goal is to eat food for fuel, to have more energy and to reduce my sugar intake.

I had my snacks ready. I didn’t meal prep on Sunday for the rest of the week because I will simply change my mind and not want to eat what I prepared. Right now I am happy preparing my daily meal when I wake up and logging it in my food diary. Of course it is day two. Soon I will be looking like Pookie from New Jack City talking about, “It keeps calling me”. Yes I am an addict, a sugar addict.

I am extreme I will eat bags of lollipops. No I can not just eat one. I will eat 6 donuts and forego eating real meals. As I write this I can taste how good candy would be right now. What am I going to do about that thought? Nothing, candy would be good right now, but I don’t have any in the house and I refused to give in on day two. I rode 55 minutes of my hour workout. That was a huge improvement over yesterday. I drank more water than yesterday so I am proud of myself. I did tell folks I won’t be myself for a few weeks keep the stupid shit to a minimum. I would hate to act out while I am going through withdrawls. Today was a headache, what will tomorrow bring?

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