Training for the MS 150 Day 1 Sugar Detox

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This is the hardest thing I have done yet. Handcycling is hard. It is laborious and I am not enjoying training. I enjoyed the long ride Saturday, but I felt like I was going to die while riding. That is when I decided to give up the processed junk and extra sugar. I sm supposed to be eating for fuel.

I set out to eat better. I decided to do a 21 day Sugar detox Saturday and start on Monday. I should have taken a week to prepare, oops. Instead I ate as much sugar and processed food I could find.

I didn’t realize at the time there was a book, a Facebook group and supports with recipes until yesterday which was my day 1. I felt unprepared. I made a Facebook video on my Facebook IRACE page for accountability. I didn’t eat enough yesterday because I just didn’t want anything to eat. I wasn’t hungry. I drank more water than I have been, but I didn’t drink half my body weight in water. I didn’t eat candy, cookies, cake, ice cream or anything like that and I didn’t die. I went to work and I edited my podcast. Outside that it was a good day until…

Buying food
Breakfast Day 1

I hurt my dog playing ball. I threw the ball as I had been for 5 minutes and she would run catch it. This last ball I through went up into the air, she took out running and she cut left underneath the tennis ball. It smacked her right in the eye as she looked up. She made no sound. I screamed she ran to me with both eyes in tact. I knew she was hurting, I was hurting. I examined her and she appeared fine. Some watering of the eye. I watched her and was extra nice to her. A few hours later, I remembered I had an hour and 30 minute ride. I tried setting up my equipment between patients earlier, but my software still hadn’t down loaded. I hopped on my handcycle and tried watching The Witcher, ugh so boring. I was tired upon sitting down. I only rode 30 minutes of my hour and 30 minute ride. I can ride for 3 hours and 35 minutes during a marathon, which was my longest feat. I couldn’t get myself to ride for a shorter time, what the heck. I wondered if I had eaten enough. I drank some Almond milk about 4oz and laid down to sleep. I prayed and hoped for a better day. I am wanting to continue to eat better, drink more fluids. I am thankful for not stress eating when I hurt my dog. She is fine, no swelling no redness yet. I am just lethargic.

Yesterday I drank 48 oz of water I had nuts as s snack along with egg, pepperoni and celery I had eaten breakfast so late it served as lunch and my snack served as dinner. I made my own mix of nuts for a total of one oz.

Part of my snack

I will sleep wake up and start day 2.

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