Medal Monday! Proud of myself. I had planned to run two half marathons this weekend as a part of my Boston to Big Sur training. Unfortunately I’m still sidelined and unable to run. So what’s a girl to do? Walk the Surfside half marathon and handcycle the Sugarland USAFit half marathon. I set a walking PR of 3 hours 31 minutes, a 16 minute 6 sec pace. I stopped for pictures and met a cool person the course who I chatted with.

I don’t train to walk or handcycle yet. This may be a new alternative for me. I set my 2nd PR handcycling and placing 1st in a field of two with 1:15:05.

Photo Credit Wendy Larsen

I beat last weekends time in Miami by 1 minute. Of course this week I stopped for a selfie and to change my tunes. I can only imagine what life would be like if I trained to race. However that’s just not me right now. My heart is in sharing my story to one person in 50 states. In Miami I thought all was lost because there isn’t a pack to talk to and to share my miracle with. Everyone is speeding past. However a lady walked up to me after the race as I stood with Achilles members from 4 countries and the Freedom Team. She asked if we all had been in the service. I explained to her no and shared the mission of Achilles and then shared with her my story. I always ask God to send me a person at a race, although I thought it would be another runner it wasn’t. Sometimes they are vendors, volunteers or people sitting next to me on a plane most times it is middle of the pack runners/walkers. Everyone can’t go out an handcycle at a race. Mobility impairments differ, but there are classifications involved. I am just blessed to meet the qualifications and still have use of my legs to run most days. I haven’t fully made the handcycle or pushrim transition. At this point I’m unsure whether my 50 states with a few handcycling will count for my Fifty States Half marathon club, but they definately count for my journey. I want to complete all states on foot as I started my journey. I will return to Florida on foot. As it stands that was half marathon #58 holding at state # 33 (2 on handcycle this far Florida and Texas). That maybe the state of a new challenge for me, lol.

Photo Credit Wendy Larsen

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