Well nothing like Debbie did Dallas. I checked off state number 34 at the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon. It was a small race with beautiful views. I loved the $15 discount for military and veterans. I hadn’t run in over 4 weeks due to a stress fracture in my left foot and was unsure whether or not to attempt it. Glad I did! It was a wonderful race and mobility impaired friendly.

This was the worst race I planned because I didn’t check to see if I had rented a car until 2 days prior to me leaving. Country Inn & Suites had a shuttle from the airport.

I landed in Phoenix, called the hotel and asked where I should stand to catch the shuttle. The lady told me and I stood there and waited. My phone rang 15 minutes later and the shuttle driver told me she was there, yet I couldn’t see her. Long story short she was at Mesa and I was at Sky Harbour airport. They only pick up from Mesa. Note to self call the hotel next time and ask questions.

I ordered Lyft it was cheaper than Uber at $23. He called me and asked if I was on the ground floor. I asked the safety guy to make sure. Again I told the driver I was in terminal 4 at door 1 at the ride share. He said he was there and rolling in my direction. He asked what I was wearing I told him and added that I was black. I couldn’t seem to find him, but saw something glowing out of the corner of my eye. He was in the family pick up area instead of ride share. I was on the phone and told him I was to his left. I quickly climbed over the railing and headed to the car. As I got in I noticed his hat and felt the car accerlate. I closed the door quickly because he was like a getaway driver. I had a wonderful conversation with this Army Vietnam veteran.

I arrived to the hotel 20 minutes later to check in, but I was 6 hours early.

Had an opportunity to stop at BJ’s which is the same parking lot with many food chains. Fry’s the grocery store is across the street if you need to buy water or snacks.

Cocktail at Bj’s

Country Inn had my room ready within 45 minutes. It was a nice suite with a wet bar, microwave and refrigerator. I somehow had a lovely conversation with the front desk clerk about marathoning and people with disabilities.

Erin, a friend, sent her husband to pick me up. Mike arrived promptly to pick me up so that we could go to packet pickup. He gave me a audio tour as we drove from Mesa to Apache Junction. Great views!

Superstition Mountains

If you have time go to the museum

Packet pick up was at a very small expo. Great photo opportunities!

I was able to see the Little White Chapel where Elvis was married in a movie.

I had lunch with her friends and participated in the Fifty States Half Marathon Club dinner at Vitos. The food was good and came out fast.


I rode with a club member, Joe to the Rodeo Grounds parking. We took a shuttle to the race start which was about a mile. There are real toilets at the grounds parking. I suggest you go there before heading over unless you just love port-a-potties. The temperature was 41 degrees at the start and rose to mid 50s. Once the sun came out it felt warmer. There is a marathon, half, 10k, 5k and 2 mile option. Very few spectators. I opted for a free pre race stretch. There are also post race massages too. Everything you need is right there and close at Prospector Park. They have the JROTC guarding bag drop on the tennis courts.

Rolling hills, but gorgeous views.

I ran 60/30 intervals for most of the run with my dear friend Erin. It was my first race running in a while. She was awesome company. Diana and Erin walk less that a 14 minute pace.

The best part of every race is hearing the cowbell and seeing this guy with this sign.

The course had hydration every 1.5 to 2 miles. The finish shoot was the same as the start.

You have to take pictures with the race mascots.

Teton Ken and Mary

Chuck Wagon Wanda and Digger

The post race food wasn’t that great. When I read the words buffet I had other things in mind.

Bagel not pictured

I would return to this race. Proceeds go to a great cause.

The medal was nice and worth the travel.

Shuttles run from 5 am to 2 pm.

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