Below was my memory on Facebook.

As I sit in my hotel room I am filled with mixed emotions. It seems like a lifetime ago I took up running. I didn’t start running because I liked it. I honestly never intended to run. I wanted to walk a marathon, but had no idea it was 26.2 miles. In July 2014 I completed a 5k as a part of a training run for my training group and an old man dusted me. It was at that 5k I decided to run. My thoughts were if he could run, I could run. Instead of walking the marathon I promised doctors I would walk when they said I was never to walk again, I ran.

This race the Houston Half started my journey 5 years ago today and I found out I could run 13.1 miles. I used this race as training for my first marathon  Feb 5, 2015. I joined Black Girls Run and Fort Bend Fit running club in Sugarland Texas in July and started training. I had lots to learn and I’m still learning.

Since then I have completed 75 half marathons in 45 states and DC, run 13 marathons,handcycled 5 marathons, completed 14 triathlons, 2 duathlons, a 21 miler, and a 30k. I don’t consider myself amazing. I am blessed and my goal is to be a blessing to others. Tomorrow I will embark on my latest challenge handcycling the Marine Corps Marathon. I have run this marathon in 2017. I was so afraid I’d miss the gauntlets that I left my two guides.

I still took pictures on the course, cheered for other runners and made it to the finish.

My journey is my journey. Whether I take pictures on the course, dance the gig it is my journey and noone can rob me of my journey. Many people talk poorly about me taking pictures. Well from their stand point they would not take pictures. Fine, don’t take pictures. I get it, however my goal is to get to the finishline upright.

I love pictures and for me a race is not complete without a selfie at the start and at the end. A race is to be run and for competitive purposes they say. never want to leave it all on the course. I am not winning money at these races, I’m sharing my testimony and making memories of a lifetime. I’m living my life like it is golden. I will take pictures, walk, run, crawl, pushrim and or handcycle my way to the finish. My first half marathon 5 years ago, the Houston half, will be my 100th half marathon next year. I truly believe that with God’s grace you can do anything you put your mind to and I will.

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