Photo from Sienna Texas 10. Photo Credit Jetola.


Oh so funny story. Not my first Sienna 10, but my first on handcycle. I recieved a PR why? Cause I didn’t take selfies.

I took out like a bat outta hell. Then I waited on all racers to pass and started cycling again. My other competion was hanging back to motivate our newbie. I rode the 1st five miles yelling to the water crew volunteers, thanking them and police. I was singing my songs playing on my speaker and talking to my guide. My plan was to ride with the two ladies, but I was afraid to wait and be overtaken by runners.

I didn’t stop for selfies this time, but I did slap a few guys butts (guys I knew) told them good job. The second 5 miles I reached for a couple of water cups that were too far away. I finally grabbed a Gatorade cup with the only two fingers that opened on my right hand and squeezed the liquid on the poor kid, then drank the rest.

I cheered on athletes, I dodged athletes, I laughed with runners and asked them to hop on and ride if they could catch me. I asked the VI runners (my friends) to catch me. Had a grand old time.

Then got back to the finish and found out most of the other riders missed the turn around so I won second place in the mixed division (Men and Women) I was the First female to crossed and complete the course. I’m not listed on website and that’s fine. I’m sure it will be corrected later. I’m just happy to know being nice to people has its rewards. Thank you to BGR, FBF, CATAPULT, Achilles Internationsl Houston Handcyclists and Texas 10 Series for an awesome time.

Simon One of the bike guides is Standing in for Rick who was 1st place in the mixed division (male and female). Next time they will have seperate male and female awards for handcyclist. I am in second place and I am holding the mug for Glo who was third place she was unable to stay. So proud of her because it was her first time to handcycle event. I am even more prouder of Adessa. She told me she wasn’t racing she was going to hang back with Gloria.

I wanted to cry when she said you helped me I’m gonna help her what’s your saying? Although is was pretty cool to podium Sunday, the best part of that day was the camaraderie. It was snacking Stephen ‘s hand. It was learning from Patrice that I inspired to ladies working the course while riding and singing “Champion” on the course. It was great to see the Reach1Help1Motivate1 become more than my hashtag. It is not about winning or showing everyone I’m the top dog. It is about “STAYING THE COURSE” “NOT GIVING UP” “FINDING YOUR JOY.” Anyone can go around in circles, but it takes umph to keep moving forward taking the good with the bad, taking failures, disappointments and losses with the wins.

I truly enjoy this community. We all have our challenges and we all have a woe is me story. I encourage you to share your story not for your spotlight, but to be beacon for others who are struggling. We all have excuses why we can not do something, why we lost the race, why we lost a promotion, why we are not this and why we are not that. Find your joy! Don’t trample on others trying to be the best you will find it is lonely at the top. We all want to live our best life. #Reach1Help1Motivate1 and you with find you have a community to commune with. The reward of seeing someone else succeed and overcoming incredible odds can be more rewarding than any 1st place award or the best promotion. For most it is about the outcome, for me it is about the journey. #IRACE #InspiringRecoveryActivelyThroughCommitmentToExercise #FaithInMotion

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