What an experience! All because I walked to a booth at the Boston Marathon in April. They said share an experience on how to qualified for Boston. My experience was so interesting that instead of doing a podcast on that they decided to tape Recovery Run.

Thank you Black Girls Run, Team RWB, Fort Bend Fit, Juice Crew and everyone present for supporting me tonight. I truly appreciate it.

For you that don’t know I was shadowed today for the Human Race Podcast.

It was the first time I have ever had someone spend the day with me asking about running. I learned a lot about myself today. My God can I talk, lol. I talked from 6 am to 9:15 pm.

That’s not new, but I realized all of my friends are runners or triathletes. A large number of my run friends live outside of Texas and we met on the run course we keep in touch by running races together in other states. The rest of my friends met me on the pavement before, after or during a training run.

“Some runner’s run a race to place, but I run a race to put a smile on a face.”-Kandi Kane

Putting a smile on someone’s face will definately make me smile. That’s the best part of running for me.

The medal I receive at a race isn’t the bling, it’s the reward of motivating and helping someone on the course. The celebration for me is making memories on the course. It’s the videos, the pictures, the connection I make with others at the race and of course not finishing dead last.



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